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ViveCBD Hat

  • $15.00
  • Sizes Available: S, M, L
  • Fitted
  • 4 Styles


CBD Shirts Online

Add the ViveCBD shirt to your cannabis fashion in the closet.  Forgot about the CBD products on Amazon, there’s nothing better than Vive’s line of CBD oils, hemp-infused edibles, CBD creams, and CBD pet treats.  

  • Sizes Available: S - 2XL
  • 100% Cotton
  • Classic Unisex Design
  • Perfect For Holiday CBD Gifts

Where to Buy CBD t-shirts online?

ViveCBD has classic CBD t shirts available in both men and women’s sizes.  Wearing a tee that features your favorite CBD brand is essential when it comes to not only helping to promote a company but also when it comes to helping to educate the masses not “in the know” about the positive benefits of CBD as an alternative therapy.

Does CBD clothing work?

No. T-shirts “soaked” in or infused with CBD, hemp or THC-filled marijuana do not  exist.   There is no such thing as a tee infused with THC or CBD; they’re a myth in every sense of the concept.   But CBD shirts do “work” in the sense that when it comes to getting the word out about your favorite CBD brand or CBD oil or hemp-infused edibles or CBD creams, muscle balms, they can introduce people these great products unconsciously. 

What is CBD infused clothing?

CBD infused clothing is a myth.  Even though, in the past, a couple companies have experimented with the concept of integrating CBD droplets into fabrics, consumers have determined that CBD infused clothing products are not an effective substitute in comparison to ingesting actual CBD oil, hemp-infused edibles, or using broad spectrum CBG topicals, etc. 

People who suffer from chronic pain or anxiety, depression and stress tend to want quick relief when they begin a daily CBD therapy regime, so they tend to stay away from gimmicks on the CBD market.   

Does CBD require a signature?

Someone who buys CBD from the internet may need to sign for the package at the time it is delivered to their home, generally, for the following reason:

Online shopping can be a challenge for any company.   If a company ships an order and their customer doesn’t receive it, then generally, that company will resend the order.  However, as a result, the company make require that the customer sign for the delivery as a way to get confirmation of receipt. 

Is CBD a military?

Any active duty member enlisted in any branch of the United States military is prohibited from using CBD or other hemp-infused products on the market.  Using, possessing, or distributing any marjiuana or marijuana-related, hemp or hemp-related products, is prohibited per Article 112a of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMU).