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CBD Skincare

CBD Skin care items are a great way to preserve your skin.  We carry CBD lotion, bath bombs, CBD roll on, CBD muscle gel, CBD salve and more. Take the best care of your skin and treat yourself to ViveCBD's industry favorite skin care products.  CBD Oil can help you find various states of relief, but so can our CBD skin care products.    

CBD Oil is a sublingual product that is absorbed into the bloodstream after it’s placed under the tongue, and much like a sublingual product, our CBD skin care products work in a very similar manner.   

Once one of our CBD skin care products is rubbed into the skin, they are absorbed into the body’s  bloodstream transdermally.  Make today beautiful.  Share it with friends.  Make it your “best day” with ViveCBD’s incredible line of high-quality, industrial hemp-derived CBD skin care products and beauty-assisting CBD accessories.

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CBD Skin Care: Why is it so Popular?

The skincare industry is–unlike many people's belief–unbelievably massive. Innovative skincare products hit the market monthly. Just visit Sephora any day of the week – Mother’s Day shopping time.

However, a majority of the new skin care products that do manage to make it onto shelves never manage to make it into the limelight; they vanish in a matter of weeks or months if they don’t get noticed on Facebook or sell quickly or in the least get some good reviews online posted about them; get a positive and multi-star rating, etc.

Yet, even though there are many synthetic creams, lotions, and gels available across the market today, many consumers are taking CBD skin care products much more seriously than ever before; taking them more seriously than traditional cosmetics products even for a variety of reasons.

CBD Oil-based skin care products (those made from hemp seed oil, for example) today are considered as some of the top of the line skin care options available on the beauty market and here’s a quick-look at why:

CBD is all natural, vegan, and organic.

Run of the mill or OTC available at department stores like Sephora or Macy’s, for example, can often be made from a crazy concoction of chemicals that even though they may provide fast results, are in effect, toxic and even deadly in some instances if orally consumed by mistake. Not to mention: they’re tested on animals too!

That makes them extremely harmful in the long term, not only for our furry friends, but also for us too!

CBD skin care products have developed an allure due to the fact that they’re made with organic and vegan ingredients that are safer for the skin.

Moreover, CBD is a natural compound that can soothe your skin and help maintain excellent skin health but also reduce aging naturally. Using CBD lotion created from CBD Oil can provide long-lasting results without any side effects.

CBD skin care

CBD boasts an impressive blend of active chemical compounds extracts from the medicinal cannabis and hemp planets that have antioxidant properties that can heal cell damages on the skin surface and also improve hair.

Extreme weather, past chemical introductions (smoking), hard workouts can damage the skin cells, and CBD skin care products can efficiently nourish the skin as well as make anyone look and feel young again.

Skin dryness is the primary cause of many skin problems. It can cause acne breakouts, wrinkles, early-aging, etc. Optimal skin hydration will always lead to better skin health while at the same time preventing bacterial attacks as well.

CBD is an excellent moisturizer and helps maintain better skin hydration because it’s all natural, organic, vegan and made from industrial hemp sourced in the USA. CBD skin care products generally don’t contain any alcohol or any other nasty chemicals which lead to skin damage and aging.

CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent skin and muscle inflammation, which results in pain relief. Many athletes and sports enthusiasts use CBD lotions, CBD roll-ons, and CBD sprays to manage after-workout pains and skin inflammations.

CBD lotion makes the perfect gift for Mother’s Day because it can only help restore quality of life in the long run with a daily CBD lotion regime but it can also hemp in the short-terms as well when it comes to aches, join-pains, etc.

CBD fights Acne

Millions of people in America suffer from acne. Acne breakouts are one of the biggest concerns of people worldwide. Natural skincare options are considered better for acne in the long run and CBD skin care products are the best among them. Where traditional skin care products make the biggest mistake when it comes to anti-acne products is that they sell products that feature alcohol. The common misconception is that having non-oily dry skin is what reduces the possibility of acne outbreaks – but this isn’t the case.

The reduction of acne on skin is contingent on properly moisturized skin that is free of bacteria or other contaminants. Drying skin out with products that feature alcohol as their primary “active ingredient” only gives off the surface impression of cleaning the skin when in reality it’s actually hurting it more than helping it.

Alcohol-based products can be good when it comes to cleansing the skin; getting rid of the bad bacteria that have existed on the face after a long day of touching our faces at work, at school, etc.

Most don’t follow a two-step process for acne reduction – eliminate bacteria and then moisturize. CBD’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties fight against acne, and help prevent skin infections, by moisturizing the skin naturally without any crazy chemicals that you wouldn’t dare ingest – why put them on your skin?