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CBD Lip Balm

  • $3.99

Why aren’t you treating your lips how they deserve to be treated? Our proprietary-formula CBD lip balm beats out every other CBD lip balm on the market – you’ll replace your usual lip balm after just one try! Our full-spectrum CBD lip balm is organic, made from industrial hemp and features only all-natural ingredients sourced in the United States.

Once you try our CBD lip balm the Sephora lip balms you swore by will go in the trash! Our CBD lip balm is fun because it teases your lips with a cooling, soothing and subtle tingling sensation that will really enhance your mood.

Keep your lips moisturized and rejuvenated. Tired of dealing with dry and cracked lips? Our full-spectrum CBD Lip Balm will take you away.

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CBD Lip Balm

If you’re tired of suffering from cracked and dried lips then it’s time to try Vive CBD-infused lip balm. Our full spectrum lip balm will not only moisturize and rejuvenate your chapped lips, it also heals them while enhancing your mood.

Vive’s full-spectrum is the best CBD lip balm on the market because it’s a full-spectrum CBD product made exclusively from all-natural ingredients.

CBD aka Cannabidiol (Cbd) is the active, chemical compound found in both the marijuana and industrial hemp plants. As the primary ingredient in our CBD lip balm users can expect for it to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system and its receptors.

Once the receptors of the endocannabinoid system are stimulated, users may see an improvement in mood, experience the feeling of a reduction of inflammation, the easing of pain, etc.
What does lip balm with CBD do?

CBD lip balm is a great product because along with moisturizing the lips it can also restore and rejuvenate dry, cracked, or chapped lips. With a pleasant aroma, and a fun sensation when you use it as your new "lip butter", it can also help the lips because it forms a protective barrier which can reduce stress on the skins, lips. Etc.

CBD lip balm may also improve the overall wellness of the lips as well. From improving the redness of the lips to reducing inflammation or irritation, CBD lip balms are great because they can help to sooth the lips when they need it the most.

CBD lip balm will not get a user “high.” Even though full-spectrum CBD products do contain trace amounts of THC, it is not enough to produce similar psychoactive effects that are often related to marijuana-use.

CBD is considered a non-consumable CBD product. Unlike CBD edibles or CBD oils, for example, they enter the body through the skin when it comes to delivering the positive benefits of CBD as an alternative therapy such as improved physical or mental well-being.

Orally-consuming lip balm is prohibited. Orally-consuming a CBD product that is strictly-intended only for external use is dangerous and unsafe.

Non-consumable or topical CBD products enter the body by soaking into the skin, even though they don’t infiltrate the bloodstream itself. Topical CBD products can be just as effective as CBD edibles or CBD oils that one consumes if your primary goal is to reduce the symptoms of chronic pain or inflammation in the body.

How much CBD do you put in lip balm?

Most CBD Lip Balms that are sold on the American market contain anywhere from 2 milligrams to 500 milligrams per product. The amount of either full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD extract infused in a lip balm can be contingent on a few different factors such as price range and volume availability.

The milligrams in a CBD product on the market affects its price and quality. Lower milligram products cost less and tend to not deliver what they promise, whereas higher milligram CBD products cost more but do tend to deliver as advertised.

Not all CBD lip balms are created equal. You get what you pay for in more instances. The most important thing to watch for when it comes to purchasing CBD lip balm, and any other CBD products for that matter, is if the claims being made are verifiable. And the best way to check that is by looking closely at a CBD products 3rd-Party lab test which is usually posted or available to download on a products sale page.

Any company that refuses to provide a 3rd-Party lab test for any of their products isn’t worth purchasing from to begin with.

Is hemp lip balm good for your lips?

Absolutely! Hemp-infused lip balm offers all kinds of positive physical and mental health benefits when used on a daily basis. All-natural CBD or hemp lip balm can moisturize and rejuvenate dried or cracked lips, but also make them appear more red in color, and more full, etc.

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