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CBD Cat Tincture

  • $28.99

Ease your kitty’s anxiety, stress, and chronic pain today with our broad-spectrum CBD cat tincture.  Our calming CBD cat drops are also an all-natural appetite booster!  Give your fur baby all the incredible benefits of CBD therapy by adding in this calming CBD product into their daily food.  Improve your kitties fur, skin, boost their immune systems and organ functioning today while at the same time giving them a delicious fishy-flavored  treat.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Gayle Westberg
    Extremely Satisfied

    I am VERY happy with the professional service I received. My shipment was package in a box so it would arrive unbroken, and it did. VERY happy with the cat Tincture. My cat is 13 years old and suffers from unknown allergies and was miserable and hiding all day. After 3 days of giving her the cat tincture , she is back to the sweet cat she was. Back to sitting in the window, laying in the sun and sleeping on my lap 😻 I highly recommend! In fact, I'm ordering more 😊 Thank you!

    Thank you we are so glad you enjoy our products!

    CBD Cat Tincture

    Improve your kitties quality of life with CBD alternative therapy.   If your senior cat suffers from chronic ages in its muscles and joints or suffers from anxiety and stress, our broad-spectrum, THC free calming CBD cat drops can provide your fur baby with quick relief while at the same time boosting their immune system and improving their fur and skin.

    • Satisfying Salmon Flavor
    • 250mg CBD per bottle
    • Made From Industrial Hemp in the USA
    • Made Only a Non-GMO Facility
    • THC Free (0.0% THC)
    • How effective is CBD for calming cats?

    Very, and here’s why:  Anxiety affects our pets more than we realize.   Whether onset as a result of being left alone, from having to deal with territorial animals or inter-species fellow pets, meeting new people, traveling, moving, when it comes to reducing anxiety and stress in our furry friends,  sometimes something MORE is required than simply leaving your pet alone in their special place to cope.
    Anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and even behavioral issues can be drastically reduced in our fur babies with the introduction of CBD.  

    CBD has been shown to not only be helpful in reducing stress, anxiety, chronic pain and inflammation in dogs, but also in cats too.    

    Cats have an endocannabinoid system just like humans.  And just as the endocannabinoid system plays a part in regulating responses in the human brain such as mood, appetite, it also has a say in how our memory functions, how we fall asleep at night, but also how we experience pain itself.   CBD interacts with the receptors in the endocannabinoid in cats just as it does in human beings – therefore, it can be effective as an alternative therapy for our furry friends who may not tolerate certain prescription medicines well

    Are CBD drops safe for cats?

    Yes, CBD cat treats, cat CBD tinctures, and cat CBD Oil is very safe.    What makes Pet CBD products different from CBD products on the market intended for humans, is that they don’t use any ingredients  harmful to our furry friends. 

    Never give your pet a CBD product made for humans.  If you’re going to start your fur baby on a CBD regime it’s important that you make sure that not only consult a veterinarian first, but that you also only administer your furry friend Pet CBD products.  

    Whether CBD calming drops, CBD cat treats, or cat CBD Oil, CBD is safe for cats because it’s made from only all-natural ingredients.

    As a pet owner you’ll always only get what you pay for.  So, when it comes to giving our furry friends a CBD product it’s important to remember that price seems to reflect quality.  A “cheap” CBD pet product on the market usually means it was made cheaply.   Avoiding those calming drops for cats is a must!  

    High-quality, all-natural, made in the USA CBD products for humans and pets that are rich in cannabinoids extracts from the cannabis and industrial hemp plants will generally cost a bit more than others on the market, but you can rest-assured that it’ll be a quality product.

    Do calming drops work for cats?

    Cat CBD calming drops are generally-considered to not be effective but also safe.   Two of the best ways to reduce anxiety in cats are to give a CBD cat treat or put on a calming collar infused with pheromones.  Quality CBD cat treats and pheromone cat collars are both great when it comes to calming, soothing, and relaxing kitties that suffer from anxiety and stress.

    How many drops of CBD do I give my cat?

    Determining CBD dosage for your furry friend means you’ve got to take a couple factors into consideration:  how much they weigh and how many milligrams of CBD is in the product you’ve purchased for them. 

    A pet's weight will not only determine a proper dosage but it will also hint at the rate of bioavailability.  

    For example,  the typical dosage for cat CBD calming drops that contain 250 milligrams of CBD per bottle is generally 2 drops, 2 times a day.  However, Pet CBD products on the market that contain more than 250 milligrams definitely require a reduction in frequency of dosage and volume so as to keep them safe for our furry friends.

    Product Information

    Salmon Oil, Hemp Seed oil, MCT Oil, Proprietary Blend Broad Spectrum CBD Oil