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CBD Gummies

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Buy these all-natural CBD gummies made from ingredients and manufactured using only Non-GMO hemp. These delicious, organic, multi-colored and broad-spectrum and Best CBD edible gummies for sale are infused with only the highest quality CBD extract. Each gummy dosage is great when it comes to relieving stress, coping with anxiety and improving the quality of sleep. 

Vive edible hemp products are high-quality, high-potency mg CBD products designed to help those that suffer  anxiety, depression and stress.   THC-FREE!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
CBD gummies

I like this product, no mess, does is premeasured. I can take the product in my purse. The only improvement you need to work on is the flavor.

100 mg gummies

I started my way using CBD, with the 10 mg honey sticks. I have PTSD and while out in stores I have panic attacks. When the honey sticks no longer worked for me, I tried the 100 mg gummies, so far so good. Thank you for providing me with this great product.

Glen Pickover

The product itself helps to relieve my pain, but the product I receive is never of the same consistency. Sometimes the gummies are hard as a rock, other times soft and easy to chew. Guessing what I am going to get with each shipment is very frustrating. Need to improve the consistency of your product. If it is sitting on the shelf too long then it needs to be removed from inventory.

We are so sorry that you feel this way. We work our hardest to provide the best possible products. If there is ever a problem with any of your orders or products please let us know right away and we will do what we can to help fix the issue. We really want our customers to be happy and enjoy the products for their needs. Thank you for being a customer.


I 💕 love your product

I have been using you product for several months now. I am getting many benefits from your gummies. I purchased the 2000 mg smilies the last time to relax after my shoulder surgery and noticed my blood pressure was lower and my glucose # are better. My doctor is very happy. THC FREE TOO. good job.


CBD Gummies

Best/Top CBD Gummies

CBD Gummy Details:

These 0.0% THC Broad-Spectrum hem-based CBD gummies provide fast relief for things like anxiety, stress, depression as well as help to “take the edge off” at the end of an exhausting work day.
  • Available in Sample Packet
  • Made in the USA

How much do CBD gummies usually cost?

A jar of CBD broad-spectrum CBD gummies or full-spectrum CBD gummies on average will cost between $69.99 - $99.99. The lower end reflects the particular milligram dosage per serving and all the quantity of CBD gummies in the jar itself.
Additionally, the cost of a jar of CBD gummies for sale will also be different depending on the CBD isolate used in the product; hemp-derived CBD and Cannabis sativa-derived CBD may cause the cost of a jar of CBD edibles to vary depending on the manufacturer and reseller, etc.

How much does a jar of CBD gummies cost?

The cost of a jar of CBD gummies depends on a few varying factors. Firstly, the milligram dosage per gummy will dictate the price. Lower milligrams per gummy means a jar of CBD gummies will cost on average between $54.99 - $69.99. Higher milligrams per gummy will mean that a jar of CBD gummies will usually be priced on average at $79.99 - $99.99.

Can you just buy CBD gummies?

Yes, of course. Most local dispensaries and online CBD retailers sell a variety of hemp-based CBD gummies or Cannabis-based CBD gummies. Both will sell broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD gummies as well as CBD edibles in a variety of different milligram dosage per serving and different volume of gummies per jar.

Can CBD gummies be bought online?

Yes. Most brands of CBD gummies first came to fruition through an opportunity to make them available online to customers across the United States. Hemp-based CBD products or Cannabis-based CBD products are available for sale on the internet in every broad-spectrum or full-spectrum and can generally be purchased in the shape of CBD gummy worms, CBD rainbow-ribbons, CBD sour gummies, etc.

Product Information

Tapioca Syrup, Sugar, Water, Gelatin, Agar, Locust Bean Gum, Sorbitol, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Hemp Extract, MCT Oil, Natural Color

Amount is container size, not per piece

Customer Reviews

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